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Paint the Toon Red - Animætropolis Book 1 AVAILABLE NOW!

WARNING!  Yes, this book has cute cartoon characters on the cover.  But inside are depictions of violence, body horror, torture, very awkward sex, gunfire, and references to Guy Fieri*. IF YOU BUY THIS BOOK FOR YOUR CHILDREN, YOU ARE A TERRIBLE PARENT. Tyler Fairfax can't seem to catch a break. A human living in the toon district of Animætropolis, the only affordable neighborhood in San Jose, he's been surviving on the kindness of strangers, his badger neighbors, and his boyfriend while he looks for a job. An unexpected encounter with a toon from the black-and-white days gets him exactly what he needs and then some. But Tyler's problems aren't over yet; a stranger informs him people have been going missing around this toon and his live-in talent agent, and to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Tyler’s curiosity gets the better of him; he learns what happened to at least one of those people...and now it's happened to him. He is turned into Fairfax Faw

AJ at FanX Spring Event!

Good news everyone! I'll be at FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention 's Spring Event this coming Friday and Saturday (April 19-20, 2019). I'll be with the Bard's Tower and have copies of "The Art of Madness" (now bearing the symbol of its new publisher WordFire Inc & WordFire Press ) for sale. Hope to see you there!