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The Art of Madness Available Now!

Ability to fly?  Check. Manipulate gravity?  Check. Alter the flow of time?  Check. Pay the bills on time...? Yeah, about that... Phoenix McGee became a detective to show the world he was mature, reliable, capable of running his own life and business. It’s just a shame he can’t adult his way out of a paper bag. On the verge of losing everything, he takes on a simple case of suspected adultery, something to keep the lights on and the creditors at bay. Little did he suspect his life would become a chaotic whirlwind of false leads, uneasy alliances, mob ties, and a woman who punches with a sedan. Bodies pile up as he struggles to keep things normal for himself and his assistant, Suzette DiMarco. In Rouge Mal, Nevada, unusual is normal. Being a haven for the supernatural and superpowered, it’s common to see a vampire on the street while a psychic informs you your bus will be late. Just present your Black Card for proof of powers. That’s not to say there are no normal people,